Advantages and disadvantages of Usenet

What is Usenet anyway?

Usenet is an invention from the USA. Originally it was supposed to connect two universities in order to ensure a faster and more efficient exchange of ideas and information. Nowadays, access to Usenet is public and anyone can participate.

The principle is simple: a user sends a question or a thought-provoking impulse and other users can see it and react to it. The topics are very broad and you will certainly always find a forum to which the question or suggestion fits. The topic areas cover thereby everything from politics and economics over society up to hobby and spare time.

What are the advantages of Usenet?

One advantage is, of course, that you can exchange ideas with people from all over the world and thus view things from a completely different perspective. In addition, the Usenet community holds together, and if anyone has a problem, most are happy to help. Also, the versatility of Usenet is a big plus. Etiquette is also written in capital letters there, insults or insults are not tolerated. A very interesting article about the benefits of the usenet can also be found here.

And what are the disadvantages of Usenet?

  • Unfortunately, there are also people who use Usenet to send spam. This is very annoying and is of course not welcomed.
  • There is also a gap in the system, because Usenet makes it possible to post copyrighted files on the Internet.
  • As a result, there have been many debates as to whether or not to ban Usenet.
  • Normal Usenet users are of course outraged by this and report abuse if they notice it, even to the operator.