The Best Website Tools

Simply developing a website and putting it online is not enough: websites must be planned, implemented, maintained and optimized. But you don’t have to do it all by hand: Meanwhile there is a large offer at Onlinetools, which helps you thereby.

The following 10 online available tools for the development and support of websites we want to present today are the following. For more website tools check out WebsiteToolTest.

Google Analytics – Statistics down to the last detail

From traffic and behavior to termination rates and demographic data, Google Analytics reveals everything a site operator wants to know about its visitors. By linking to an AdWords account, you can also track specific conversions – you simply set the desired target yourself.

If you want to use Google Analytics, however, you should ensure that the tool is used in a way that conforms to data protection regulations. What one should therefore pay attention to and where the stumbling blocks are, we have revealed in an earlier blog post.

Google Webmaster Tools – Direct contact with the Internet giant

With the Google Webmaster Tools you get detailed reports about your domains. For example, you can find out whether there are problems with crawling or whether Google has taken manual measures against your site – for example because of a bad link profile. Even if you want to remove certain pages from the index, you can do so using the Webmaster Tools.

LayoutIt! – Frontend code simply by Drag & Drop

Web design can be that simple: If you are not an expert in HTML5, CSS3 or Javascript, you can still design your own interface using LayouIt! The desired functions are selected and positioned via drag & drop, LayoutIt! then simply outputs the desired code.

Color Scheme Designer – Discover the right color scheme

The Color Scheme Designer does what his name suggests: If you are looking for a color scheme for the design of your website, you’ve come to the right place: Simply select the desired main color and get the matching matching colors suggested.

Fake Images Please? – Lorem Ipsum for pictures

Fake Images, Please? is a nice tool for anyone who is planning landing pages or blog posts – a kind of Lorem Ipsum generator for images. Simply enter image size, text and font in the URL, the placeholder is created and can be used.

W3C Validator – HTML Errors Take the Challenge

The W3C Validator is a practical help when it comes to eliminating HTML errors. The tool is provided by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

PageSpeed Insights – How long does my page load?

Optically inconspicuous, but quite practical is the tool PageSpeed Insights. Simply enter your own page, enter the desired waiting time and number of hits, and the tool tests the loading time of the homepage and gives an average value from all determined times.

Screenfly – So that the page doesn’t just look good on the desktop PC

Screenfly is one of many sites that offers the possibility to test the view of a homepage on mobile devices. The advantage of Screenfly is the large selection: It can be tested with different smartphone and tablet models, and if this is not enough, you simply enter the desired resolution by hand.

Shared Count – Quickly and easily check the popularity in social networks

If you have lost track of how successful your site is in social media for a long time, you can use Shared Count. Register your website, select shares and likes – done! –

Google Trends – What’s in, what’s out?

With Google Trends, you no longer have to worry about declining visitor numbers: you can find out what customers are looking for and which topics are currently interesting, and you can easily adapt your marketing strategy.